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7/8/21: "The Unemployed Elderly Are A Dangerous Political Force"

 (Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher). 

6/23/21: "Dismantle the NCAA​"

 (New Republic). 

6/22/21: "The Endurance of the Mediocre Man"

 (Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher). 

6/18/21: "Let's Tax Dead People"

 (New Republic). 

6/11/21: "We Regret To Inform You That Workers Are Not Suddenly Winning"

 (New Republic). 

6/4/21: "Republicans Are Accidentally Suppressing Their Own Voters"

 (New Republic). 


5/27/21: "Who Does J.D. Vance Think He's Fooling?"

 (New Republic). 

5//21/21: "It Shouldn't Take A Pandemic To Boost Worker Wages"

 (New Republic). 

4/28/21: "If Corporations Are People, Tax Them Like People"

 (New Republic). 

4/21/21: "Walter Mondale Wasn't Scared of Raising Taxes. Is Biden?"

 (New Republic). 

4/14/21: "Is Biding Ditching His Pledge to Protect Workers from Covid?"

 (New Republic). 

4/8/21: "The Republican War on 'Woke Capitalism'(New Republic). 

4/5/21: "D.C.'s Vaccine Fiasco Sends Me To Maryland's

Eastern Shore(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher). 

4/2/21: "Repair the crumbling infrastructure of the

American labor movement(New Republic). 

3/31/21: "Why D.C. is failing at the vaccination game(Atlantic). 


3/24/21: "How the Top 0.01 percent became America's criminal class

(New Republic) 

3/23/21: "The Nation's  Capital Can't Vaccinate its Residents

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher) 

3/15/21: "The Covid Relief Bill Also Raises Taxes on the Rich

(New Republic) 

3/10/21: "Queen Elizabeth II, Union Buster"

 (Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher) 

3/10/21: "Congress Ends Welfare Reform As We Know It"


3/01/21: "Joe Biden's Amazon Speech Was A BFD"

 (New Republic) 

2/26/21: "CPAC Cancels John Locke"

 (New Republic) 

2/19/21: "The Rise and Fall of the L. Brent Bozells"

 (New Republic) 

2/15/21: "Restore the Full $600 UI Add-On"

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

2/08/21: "Don't Believe the Bad Press About the Minimum Wage"

 (New Republic) 

2/07/21: "Trump's Lenny Bruce Defense"

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

2/04/21: "Why Biden and Harris Are Right About Equity"

 (New Republic) 


1/29/21: "Republicans and the Minimum Wage"

 (Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).


1/27/21: "Look Who Else Doesn't Like Vote By Mail

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

1/22/21:  "Can Biden Reverse Trump's Pardons?"

(Washington Monthly,  with Holly Brewer; reprinted from Backbencher)

01/21/21: "The End of the 40-Year War on Government(New Republic).

01/18/21: "I Went To High School With Biden's Homeland Security Team

(New Republic).

01/21/21: "The Case Against the $2000 checks(New Republic).

12/26/20: "David Graeber, 1961-2020(Politico).

12/18/20: "Republicans For Recession" (New Republic).

12/08/20: "Will Democrats Fold On Corporate Indemnity?" 

(New Republic).

12/04/20: "Down With Slack" (New Republic).

11/30/20: "The Trump You've Yet To Meet" (Atlantic).

11/25/20: "America Is [Still] Run By Geezers" (New Republic).

11/13/20: "Joe Biden's (Many) Senate Years" (Time commemorative 

edition; not available online).

11/13/20: "My Quest For A Job At the Trump White House" (New Republic).

11/09/20: "What's Wrong With One-Term Presidents?" 

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

10/29/20: "How the Stock Market Betrayed Donald Trump" (New Republic).

10/28/20: "Sprechen Verboten" (Washington Monthly,

reprinted from Backbencher).

10/22/20: "Leslie Stahl Blew It" (New Republic).

10/20/20: "OSHA and Covid Mortality" (Washington Monthly,

reprinted from Backbencher).

10/17/20: "Why Pelosi Can't Get a Stimulus Deal" (New Republic).

10/12/20: "How To Tell Whether a Republican Favors A Covid Deal

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

10/7/20: "Our President Is Literally Toxic" (New Republic).

10/5/20: "What Is Trump Hiding About His Covid?" (Washington Monthly,

reprinted from Backbencher).


10/2/20: "Trump's 'Greatest Recovery In History', RIP(New Republic).

9/22/20: "Why We Can't Ignore McConnell's Hypocrisy(New Republic).

9/17/20: "If The Filibuster Is So Necessary, Why Aren't Democrats Using It?" 

(Washington Monthly, reprinted from Backbencher).

9/16/20: "Why Keynes Got It Wrong About Leisure Time(New Republic).

 9/11/20: "Why OSHA's combined Covid fines couldn't buy you a Beemer" (New Republic).

9/3/20: "What If The Stock Market Really Is The Economy?(New Republic).

8/28/20: "Larry Kudlow's Economic Hallucinations(New Republic).

8/24/20: "Trump Doesn't Get the Suburbs" (New Republic).

7/29/20: "Even the GOP Thinks Its Plan To Cut UI is Dumb"  (New Republic).

7/27/20: "Is California the GOP's Future?" (New Republic).

7/10/20: "The Two Sides of Biden's Economic Plan" (New Republic).

7/3/20:  "The Democrats' Dumb Idea To Cut Pandemic Benefits(New Republic).

6/24/20: "America's guest-worker system is broken" (New Republic).

6/17/20: "Why Trump Is Losing His Hold on the Senior Vote" (New Republic).

6/11/20: "The Black Wage Gap Matters" (New Republic).

6/5/20: "Donald Trump Is Celebrating The Wrong Economic Accomplishment"

(New Republic).

5/29/20: "The Trump administration has abandoned worker safety" (New Republic).

5/8/20: "Trump's Base Escapes the Worst of Job Losses" (Politico, with Allan James Vestal).

11/4/19: "The Baby Boom Was A Bust" (Washington Monthly). Update of 1984

essay, "The Big Massage: How the Idea of the Sixties Takes the Politics

Out of the 80s."

9/25/19: "If Liberalism Is In Crisis, Who's To Blame?" (New York Times Book Review).

9/3/19: "America, the Gerontocracy" (Politico).

3/7/19: "Labor Department Extends Overtime Coverage to $1.1 million(Politico).

11/2/18: "Immigration Crisis? The Stats Tell A Different Story(Politico).

10/19/18:  "The Perils of Palace Intrigue" (Washington Monthly).

10/12/18: "How the Liberal Wish List Could Bite Democrats" (Politico).

9/12/18: "Household income back to pre-recession level, Census says" (Politico).

9/10/18: "Trump fights to wrest credit for the economy from Obama" (Politico).

9/5/18: "White House disputes wage stagnation" (Politico).

12/28/17:  "Robert Silvers" (year-end obit) (Politico).

11/7/17:  "Does Labor Have A Death Wish?(Politico).

6/17:  "Manufacturing Won't Save Us(Washington Monthly).

4/13/17:  "Trump's Federal Jobs Cuts Could Lead To More Spending" (Politico).

4/6/17:  "The CEO Who Went Too Far" (NY Review of Books)


2/27/17: "Puzder says "tsunami of fake news' defeated him" (Politico, 

with Nolan McCaskill)

2/15/17: "How Puzder Fell" (Politico)

2/15/17: "Puzder: 'You Will Pay For This'"  (Politico, with Marianne LeVine)


11/15/16: "The Trouble With The Electoral College" (Politico)

11/10/16: "Trump Poised to Erase Obama Policies" (Politico, with Cogan Schneier)

9/19/16: "The Telephone Call (1876-2007)(Slate)


9/13/16: "Record Rise In Incomes Could Boost Clinton(Politico)

9/5/16: "Presidential Transitions Come Out of the Closet(Politico)

9/2/16: "Economy Added 151,000 Jobs in August(Politico)


9-10/16: "Trump and Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale"

(Washington Monthly)

7/31/16: "Trump vs. Clinton is the '80s v. the '90s" (Politico)

7/15/16: "Seven Ways Trump Disagrees With Pence" (Politico)

6/3/16: "Jobs Report Not The 'Bombshell' Trump Claims" (Politico)

5/18/16: "Obama Rushes Out Rules To Guarantee Legacy" (Politico)


4/15/16: "Vint Lawrence, 1939-2016" (Washington Monthly)


4/8/16: "Wisconsin Judge Voids Walker-Backed Right-To-Work Law" (Politico)


3/17/16: "How Liberal Is Merrick Garland?" (Politico, with Brian Mahoney)


3/8/16: "Will Blue-Collar Dems Run To Trump? Fuhgeddaboudit!" (Politico


2/8/16: "Obama's Go-For-Broke Budget" (Politico)


1/4/16: "Obama Pushing Thousands of New Regulations In Year 8(Politico)


12/4/15: "Economy Added 211,000 Jobs" (Politico)


11/30/15: "Charles Koch, Listen To Your Guru!" (Baldy Harper profile) (Politico


11/14/15: "The Democrats' Wage Problem" (Politico


11/8/15: Review of Jack Kemp biography (NYT Book Review


1/6/15: "Job Gains All But Guarantee Fed Hike" (Politico, with Ben White) 


10/2/15: "September Jobs Report Delivers Bad News" (Politico,

with Ben White)


9/25/15: "Boehner's Policy Wins Were Political Losers" (Politico)


9/21/15: "Labor Tap-Dances on Walker's Grave" (Politico,

with Brian Mahoney)


9/19/15: "The Myths of Cesar Chavez" (NY Review of Books)


9/4/15: "Economy Added 173,000 Jobs in August" (Politico)


9/1/15: "Trumka: Early Endorsement 'Conceivable'" (Politico)


9/1/15: "Obama Labor Board Flexes Its Muscles" (Politico,

with Brian Mahoney)


8/5/15: "The GOP 17: How To Tell Them Apart" (Politico)


7/26/15: "Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?" (Politico)


7/2/15: "U.S. Economy Added 223k jobs in June" (Politico)


6/15/15: "Jeb Bush's 4 Percent Solution" (Politico)


6/5/15: "Economy adds robust 280k jobs in May" (Politico)


6/3/15: "Whose Loo? OSHA Gets Involved" (Politico)


4/29/15: "US Ekes Out 0.2 Percent Growth In First Quarter" (Politico)


4/3/15: "March Jobs Report Disappoints" (Politico)


2/6/14: "Banner Jobs Year Gets Even Bigger" (Politico)


1/21/14: "Why Obama Gave Short Shrift [in SOTU] To His 

Biggest Wage Proposal" (Politico)


1/9/14: "More Jobs, Lower Wages" (Politico)


1/3/14: Q&A with Thomas Geoghegan (Politico)


12/22/14: "Labor's Big Comeback" (Politico)


12/5/14: "US Adds 321K Jobs in November" (Politico)

12/4/14: "Does the Media Care About Labor?" (Politico).

11/16/14: Review of Nelson Rockefeller bio (NYT Book Review).


11/5/14: "Minimum Wage Hikes Win" (Politico).


11/5/14: "Walker Victory Humliates Labor" (Politico).


10/29/14: "Ralph Nader Warns Against GOP Congress" (Politico).


10/29/14: "Labor Gets Aggressive Under Tom Perez" (Politico).


10/28/14: "Why Dems Are Winning on Minimum Wage" (Politico).


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