I'm the labor policy editor for Politico.  Previously I was a contributing writer for and a senior editor and "TRB" columnist for the New Republic, and for a dozen years before that I was a senior writer at Slate. I'm the author of The Great Divergence (Bloomsbury, 2012), about the post-1979 expansion of income inequality in the U.S.  If you came here looking for my doppelgänger, the Seattle-based children's entertainer, he's at But think about sticking around anyway.


Photo credit: Will Noah

As fair and comprehensive a summary as we are likely to get of what economists have learned about our growing inequality.

Benjamin Friedman, front page, New York Times Book Review


This is the book the 99 percent has been waiting for. Crisply lucid and brilliantly argued, The Great Divergence manages to entertain at the same time that it explains.

Barbara Ehrenreich, author, Nickel and Dimed


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